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Key Dates for May

30th April

For all farms located in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone

All livestock kept on the farm during the previous calendar year must be recorded and the calculation of the amount of Nitrogen they produced recorded.

You must also record the number and type of livestock that were kept in a building or on a hardstanding area during the winter months.

1st May

No hedge cutting, tree coppicing of hedge laying can be carried out past this date.

16th May

All Basic Payment applications must be made by midnight on this date to avoid penalty for 2022.

Any entitlements transfers must also be made by this date.

Land on which you have made a claim must be at your disposal on this date.

All Countryside Stewardship or Environmental Stewardship revenue claims must also be submitted by midnight on this date to avoid penalty.

If you would like any assistance with the completion of a Basic Payment Application; a revenue claim for Countryside Stewardship or Environmental Stewardship; or your Nitrate Vulnerable Zone records please do get in touch with Gemma on 07533340847 or

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