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Change in payment rates to some Countryside Stewardship Options

DEFRA have announced that there are going to be changes to the payment rates for some revenue options available under Countryside Stewardship. These changes are not only going to be relevant to forthcoming agreements starting in 2023, but to existing agreements, with effect from 1st January 2022. Where there will be a decrease in the amount received from an option this will not apply to existing agreements.

DEFRA is writing to existing agreement holders to let them know what the changes will be, but updated agreements will not be issued.

Some of the changes to note are as follows:

  • GS1 Take field corners and small areas out of management was £365/ha now £333/ha

  • GS2 Permanent grassland with very low inputs (outside SDA) was £95/ha now £123ha

  • GS17 Lenient Grazing Supplement was £44ha now £23/ha

  • GS4 Legume and herb rich swards was £309/ha now £358/ha

  • BE2 Protection of in-field trees on grassland was £190/tree now £260/tree

  • BE3 Management of hedgerows was £8/100m now £9/100m

  • AB2 Basic Overwintered stubble was £84/ha now £58/ha

  • WT1 Buffering of infield ponds and ditches on intensive grassland was £201/ha now £275/ha

  • SW9 Seasonal Removal of livestock on intensive grassland was £88/ha now £106/ha

For a full list of the changes please see the DEFRA website page here.

If you would like to look into a Countryside Stewardship agreement for your farm or you would like help with how these changes will affect your agreement please do get in touch with Gemma on 07533340847 or

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