Services Available 

Agricultural Agreements


Basic Payment Scheme


Countryside Stewardship Agreements & Grant Applications


  • ​Advice on existing agreements

  • Advice on new agreemens

  • Countryside Stewardship applications

  • Scheme management service

  • Grant advisory & application completion including LEADER


Cross Compliance

Diversification Advice


We offer  a number of different services, depending on your needs. All work undertaken will be done professionally and to your timescales. If you require a service that is not listed please do contact us as we may still be able to assist you. For further information on anything listed below please do get in touch.


Whole farm  or specific area maps at a range of scales and sizes. Can be edited to show:

  1. Field names, areas and OS numbers

  2. Land Registry compliance

  3. Land use/environmental scheme options

  • Area measurements

  • Full printing service available

  • Basic Payment Scheme applications

  • Assistance wth RPA business & land registration

  • RPA correspondance  & claim management

  • Entitlement Trading

  • First hand experience with running farm wedding venue & assisting with holiday cottage enterprise

  • Advice available on alternative income schemes including renewable energy sources.

  • Business plan assistance

  • Scheme implementation advice

  • Whole farm cross compliance checks

  • Completion of farm cross compliance records

  • Completion of Nitrate Vulnerable Zone records

  • Assistance with animal passport & movement records

Advice on and implementation of:

  • Grazing licences

  • Mowing licences

  • Farm business tenancies

  • Letting of farm buildings for commercial uses

Advice on agricultural holdings act tenancy issues, to include:

  • Rent reviews

  • Succession